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  • Team presentation Lotto Soudal

    19 december 2014 - 17:12

    Yesterday was the official start of Lotto Soudal, with the team presentation in Turnhout. The audience could admire the new shirt for the first time. Lotto and Soudal are at the beginning of a six-year collaboration. ‘Live Your Dream' remains the team slogan. At the presentation a new partner was introduced, Vasco Data Security. Their brand will be placed on the back of the race shorts.

    Talent in the picture
    The evening started with a review of the most important moments of this season. Then André Greipel, Tony Gallopin and Jens Debusschere had the honour to be the first to show the new jerseys on stage. The team presentation was built around the concept ‘talent'. Neo-pros of 2014 Stig Broeckx, Sean De Bie and Boris Vallée gave their impressions of the first year and looked ahead to the new season. Tiesj Benoot and Louis Vervaeke came on stage together with Tim Wellens. Newcomers Jasper De Buyst and Thomas De Gendt were officially presented and shared their expectations with the audience. Between the different chats there were fun movies. During the training camp in Benicàssim the riders were asked questions of Twitter followers. That way the audience now knows the favourite beer of Lars Bak.

    Ladies and U23
    Of course there was room for the women's and U23 team as well. Jessie Daams and Italian champion Elena Cecchini represented the Lotto Soudal Ladies. Kenneth Van Rooy, winner of the Top competition 2014, and Enzo Wouters represented the youth team.

    The partners
    Apart from the riders also representatives of the sponsors came on stage, just like team manager Marc Sergeant. The story of Soudal began in 2013, as a temporary partnership in the Tour. This year the company took a prominent place on the shorts during the whole season and now they become name sponsor. Soudal signed for a project of six years. Exceptional, but evident according to them. The place of Soudal on the shorts will be taken over by, a brand of Vasco Data Security. They are pleased to become partner of this team. At Ridley Bikes they are proud as well, as a Belgian bike brand, to be part of this solid Belgian project. Marc Frederix, marketing director of the National Lottery, dreams of seeing the ‘L' - referring to the slogan ‘Live Your Dream' - many times as victory sign in 2015.

    Christmas song
    At the end of the team presentation the audience was treated to a Christmas song, performed by the Lotto choir and written for the team. Lotto Soudal is ready for 2015. Riders, staff and partners start this project with lots of ambitions and dreams.










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  • Review with Jolien D'hoore

    11 december 2014 - 14:12

    Last week Jolien D'hoore won the silver medal in the omnium at the World Cup in London, so she stays on the right track for Rio 2016. Jolien tells her story of last weekend. The World Cup was her last race of the year. Time for D'hoore to look back on 2014 as well.

    World Cup London
    Jolien D'hoore:
    "The first day of the World Cup didn't go very well and that made me doubt. I left for London being a bit ill. The whole week I hadn't felt 100% at training. After the first day I was fourth in the ranking. I didn't think I would still get on the podium, although I would try. I actually had top five in mind. The second day I gave it all. That I won the first two events, the time trial and flying lap, came as a surprise. I'm glad I could move up to the second place and took the silver medal."

    On schedule for Rio
    "I couldn't have dreamed of a better start of my campaign for the Olympics in Rio in 2016. At the European Championships I got second at only one point of gold, I won the World Cup in Guadalajara and I was second in London. The campaign for the Olympics in London went less smoothly, I always just got in the top ten. That I stood on the podium three times by now is really unexpected."

    Best year ever
    "The World Cup in London was the last race of the year for me. 2014 has been really positive. This was the breakthrough to the top. I was a real pro now, as I got my bachelor degree last year. I could totally live for my sport and I could benefit from that. I won a few times and I had even more second places I think. The Belgian road title was the best moment of the year. For the first time someone of the Lotto team won the title race in the women's category. I was really glad I could give this to the team. The entire team supported me that day, just like the whole season. The fact that we're friends played a big part in that."

    Grateful to the team
    "I'm really glad and grateful that I could take part in all beautiful races. It was a nice first encounter with races like the Giro Rosa. I'm looking back on my two seasons with the Lotto Belisol Ladies with a very good feeling. It was a real group of friends and I have always loved racing for the team."

    Photo: Krist Vanmelle








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  • Julie Roelandts wins title race

    8 december 2014 - 15:12

    Last weekend Julie Roelandts won the Belgian Championship cyclo-cross for girls of twelve years. 







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  • Three medals in London

    8 december 2014 - 13:12

    Amy Cure and Jolien D'hoore returned home with medals after the World Cup track in London, which was scheduled from Friday the 5th of December until Sunday the 7th of December. In the points race it was Amy Cure who claimed gold. She also has a silver medal from the team pursuit. Jolien D'hoore took silver in the omnium.

    Two Lotto Belisol Ladies in action on Friday
    On day one two Lotto Belisol Ladies had to ride: Amy Cure and Catherine Wernimont. Catherine Wernimont participated in the team sprint together with Nicky Degrendele. The two Belgian women, who won bronze at the European Championships for juniors this year, finished 21st in the qualifications, the penultimate place in the ranking.

    Amy Cure: Silver in team pursuit
    Amy Cure took part in the team pursuit on Friday with the Australian team. They set the second best time in the qualifications. In the first round the Aussies had to race against Canada. They won that battle. Afterwards they could aim for gold, racing against Great-Britain. Amy Cure and her teammates had to be satisfied with silver. The bronze medal was for Canada.

    Amy Cure: Gold in points race
    A day later Amy Cure rode the points race. The reigning world champion conquered gold. Canadian Jasmin Glaesser had one point less and went home with silver. Elinor Barker, a British rider, won bronze.

    Difficult start for D'hoore
    Jolien D'hoore started in the omnium on Saturday. She became sixth in the scratch, the first event. In the individual pursuit D'hoore finished on place eight. The elimination was the last event of the day, Jolien got third. At the end of day one she stood fourth in the ranking of the omnium.

    Silver medal
    D'hoore began day two with the victory in the 500-metres time trial. She moved up to the second place in GC. The Belgian rider kept up the good work and won the flying lap as well. In the points race she was eighth. D'hoore finished the omnium on the second place, twelve points behind Laura Trott. Kirsten Wild was third at fourteen points of D'hoore. Jolien keeps the World Cup jersey which she conquered in the first round in Guadalajara.








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  • World Cup London

    4 december 2014 - 17:12

    From Friday 5th until Sunday 7th of December the second round of the World Cup track takes place in London. Three Lotto Belisol Ladies travelled to the British capital: Amy Cure, Jolien D'hoore and Catherine Wernimont.

    Amy Cure
    Amy Cure is part of the Australian selection for the team pursuit, an event that is scheduled on the first day. At the World Championships in Cali the national team with Cure could return home with the bronze medal. On day two she starts in the points race, as reigning world champion.

    Jolien D'hoore
    This weekend Jolien D'hoore will take part in the omnium. In the first round of the World Cup in Guadalajara, Mexico, she won the omnium and claimed the leader's jersey.

    Catherine Wernimont
    Catherine Wernimont will ride the team sprint on Friday together with Nicky Degrendele, with whom she won bronze at the European Track Championships for juniors.








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  • Decroix holds Lotto Science Chair

    26 november 2014 - 16:11

    With the Lotto Science Chair at the VUB the Belgian National Lottery supports scientific research linked to cycling. The National Lottery wants to contribute to optimizing sport performances. Lieselot Decroix, rider of the Lotto Belisol Ladies team, holds the chair.

    Control the coincidence
    Marc Frederix, director marketing Belgian National Lottery:
    "Just like the games of the National Lottery sport is also a game in which one wants to win. By investing in this Lotto chair the National Lottery wants to make it possible that sport in general and cycling in specific, is innovative to get an attractive and honest competition. Cycling is a social popular sport, an active top sport and also moves the passive supporter on the terrain and in front of the television or who listens to the radio. Scientific research can play a role in controlling the coincidence in the sport even more, so the intensity of the sport and the perception by the spectators grows. The National Lottery is pleased to support and finance - thanks to the stakes of our players - the research."

    Focus on the brain
    Jan Mathieu, team doctor Lotto Belisol:
    "Since two years the team cooperates with the VUB. On regular times we sit together to discuss ideas and evolutions and to possibly implement those ideas and evolutions. Last year we did research of the sleeping pattern, we work around power and specifically with next year in mind we will focus on the brain. That means the reaction time, concentration, but mental coaching for example as well. The intention is that the VUB gives us scientific advice that we can implement."

    Medical team
    "Next to our cooperation with the VUB we have our sport-functional cooperation with Energy Lab for testings, training and nutrition, the tasks of our medical staff, our preventive work with cardiologic tests, scans and radiography, curing the riders and the work of our physiotherapists and osteopaths. Consultation and cooperation of everyone involved is important, so our riders are optimally supported."

    A healthy mind in a healthy body
    Romain Meeusen, Head of Department Human Physiology VUB:
    "Thanks to the Lotto chair the research of the limits of performance and fatigue can be continued. For years we have been doing research of how the brain, as important factor, directs the fatigue during physical exertion. Recovering from fatigue and an improvement of the recuperation are important research goals. That can't only help someone who sports, but also other people. (Sports) scientists are more and more aware of the importance of the functioning of the brain during physical exertion. In the past we could already prove that moving doesn't only stimulate the functioning of the brains, but also forms new brain cells. It's more and more obvious that - indeed - it's necessary to have a healthy mind in a healthy body."

    Two passions united
    Lieselot Decroix, VUB, Lotto Belisol ladies team and holder of the Lotto Science Chair:
    "The Lotto chair unites my two big passions: cycling and science. I started cycling when I was fifteen years old and when I was nineteen I signed a contract with the Lotto Belisol Ladies for 2007 and 2008. In 2007 I took the eleventh place at the World Championships in Stuttgart and I qualified for the Olympics in Beijing. In 2014 I returned to where it all began: the Lotto Belisol Ladies."

    Foundations for innovations
    "As a scientist my career started in 2012 when I got my master degree in biomedical sciences. I was very interested in the functioning of the human body, especially during physical exertion. As a top sportsman or -woman you give the best of yourself every day again and you are constantly looking for your sporty limits. Every per cent you gain with training, nutrition and recovery can make the difference between winning and losing. Scientific research lies the foundations of innovations in training, nutrition and recovery, and scientific results can be translated into practical guidelines for sportsmen and -women. It was a dream for me to combine science and cycling. After the Tour of Italy I was informed by Lotto and the VUB that that dream would come true thanks to the Lotto chair."

    The research
    "Thanks to the Lotto chair I can focus on the bike, both for the sport and science. This research focuses on the improvement of the recuperation of cyclists via nutritional intervention and the influence of the physical exertion on the functioning of the brains will be examined. The research itself of course won't be performed with professional cyclists, but the results can be used and applied to optimize the guidance of the riders. Apart from that the Lotto chair is also a scientific support of the Lotto Belisol cycling team, Lotto Soudal next year."

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  • D'hoore wins at Lotto Six Days

    24 november 2014 - 10:11

    Just like last year Jolien D'hoore won the women's omnium at the Lotto Six Days Flanders-Ghent after she was the best in all six events, spread over three days.

    D'hoore opens strongly in the scratch
    The first night D'hoore was the best in the scratch, beating world champion Kelly Druyts. Next, she won the individual pursuit, while teammate Jesse Vandenbulcke got fifth. In the elimination on Saturday D'hoore sprinted faster than Kelly Druyts at the end. Jesse Vandenbulcke took the third place. In the 500-metres time trial the top three was the same. D'hoore set a time of 36.25.

    Nice fourth place for Vandenbulcke
    Sunday afternoon D'hoore covered the flying lap (166 m) in 9.99. In the points race, the final event, she showed her power again. Kelly Druyts and Lotte Kopecky got second and third in the omnium. With the fifth place in the points race Vandenbulcke secured the fourth place in the final ranking. Teammate Molly Meyvisch was eleventh.







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  • The team for 2015

    21 november 2014 - 15:11

    The ladies team of Lotto Soudal will be composed of fifteen riders next year. Eight women will stay with the team, that means there are seven new names compared to 2014. The youth team consists of four riders.

    Eight nationalities
    Next year there will be eight nationalities in the team. Six women are Belgian: Beckers, Daams, Decroix, Meyvisch, Vandenbulcke and Vekemans. With Elena Cecchini and Susanna Zorzi the team welcomes two Italian riders. Also Australia will be represented by a duo: Amy Cure and Carlee Taylor. The latter was already part of the Lotto Belisol Ladies in 2013. The French rider Marion Rousse stays with the team, just like Chantal Hoffmann from Luxembourg and Sarah Rijkes from Austria. Because of the signing of Anouk Rijff there will also be a Dutchwoman in the team. Last but not least there's Jacquelina Alvarez from Argentina.

    Youth team
    One of the riders that leaves the main team is Sara Verhaest. In 2015 she will ride for the youth team. Jesse Vandenbulcke makes the opposite movement. The youth team consists of four riders. Sara Verhaest and Catherine Wernimont will ride in the elite category. Fenna Vanhoutte is a junior. The fourth and last rider is Julie Roelandts, she is an aspirant of 12 years. On the 11th of November she got second at the Championship of Flanders cyclo-cross.

    Ladies team 2015
    Alvarez, Jacquelina (ARG) new
    Beckers, Isabelle (BEL)
    Cecchini, Elena (ITA) new
    Cure, Amy (AUS)
    Daams, Jessie (BEL) new
    Decroix, Lieselot (BEL)
    Hoffmann, Chantal (LUX)
    Meyvisch, Molly (BEL)
    Rijff, Anouk (NED) new
    Rijkes, Sarah (AUT)
    Rousse, Marion (FRA)
    Taylor, Carlee (AUS) new
    Vandenbulcke, Jesse (BEL) new
    Vekemans, Anisha (BEL)
    Zorzi, Susanna (ITA) new

    Youth team
    Verhaest, Sara (BEL) - Elite
    Wernimont, Catherine (BEL) - Elite
    Vanhoutte, Fenna (BEL) - Junior
    Roelandts, Julie (BEL) - Aspirant 12 years






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  • Lotto Six Days Women's omnium

    20 november 2014 - 19:11

    Tuesday the Lotto Six Days Flanders-Ghent began. Tomorrow, Friday the 21st of November, the women will start their Three Days Omnium. Jolien D'hoore, Molly Meyvisch and Jesse Vandenbulcke, rider of the Lotto Belisol Ladies youth team, will take part in it. There will be twelve women in total.

    The first night the scratch and individual pursuit are programmed. Saturday it's the elimination and 500-metres time trial. On the final day the women have to start at one o'clock in the afternoon. First they will cover the flying lap. Next is the points race, the last event of the women's omnium.






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