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  • Marc Sergeant analyses 2014

    25 october 2014 - 13:10

    Now the cycling season is over Lotto Belisol manager Marc Sergeant analyses 2014.

    Marc Sergeant about the victories
    "With 29 victories we are sixth in the team ranking and Greipel has the most victories of the international peloton. But I would have loved to swop some victories in the Europe Tour for victories in the WorldTour. Because the eight WorldTour victories and the two national titles make our season, the other wins are soon forgotten."

    Marc Sergeant about the spring
    "The biggest gap in our season are the Flemish spring races. A sixth place for Gallopin in Harelbeke, the same for Debusschere in Waregem and a victory in Nokere for Dehaes is not enough. We didn't play a role in the opening weekend; in Ghent-Wevelgem, the Ronde and Paris-Roubaix we had bad luck."

    Marc Sergeant about the one-day races
    "With eleven top ten spots on a total of fourteen WorldTour one-day races we can be satisfied, apart from the cobblestone classics. Vanendert got second in the Amstel and sixth in San Sebastián, Gallopin third in Montréal, fifth in San Sebastián and sixth in Harelbeke, and Wellens fourth in Lombardia and sixth in Plouay. If Roelandts can join them next year we're good."

    Marc Sergeant about the stage races
    "The victory of Wellens in the Eneco Tour was outstanding. Van den Broeck became nicely third in the Dauphiné. Generally we had hoped for more in the Grand Tours and the stage races of one week. Top ten in Giro, Tour and Vuelta was never in the cards and also in other stage races we didn't battle for the prizes."

    Marc Sergeant about Tour 2014
    "There was lots of reaction about the performances of Gallopin. Then it becomes clear again which impact the Tour has. He loved the feeling to stand on the podium in the yellow jersey more than winning the stage, but that victory was a very strong performance according to me. Greipel wins in Reims, the only time he didn't really have a lead-out, after it hadn't gone smoothly the days before. ‘I risked my life', he told that evening, but that's sometimes necessary to win in the Tour."

    Marc Sergeant about Lotto Soudal
    "It's exceptional in cycling that the most important partners commit themselves for such a long time to a project. With Lotto, Soudal, Ridley and Vermarc four very important partners have done that. That gives peace of mind, but brings also responsibility with it. The partners have expectations and ambitions, it's up to us to fulfil those."

    Marc Sergeant about Jurgen Van den Broeck
    "Jurgen was always a member of the Tour selection the past years, for 2015 that's not certain yet. But that doesn't mean he won't ride either. The next few weeks we'll talk with the riders about their programme. I will talk very openly with him, take all things into account that play a role in it and see which route we will take with him. Maybe we will only make the final decision after the first part of the year, after we had Paris-Nice or the Tirreno, Catalunya, País Vasco and Romandie."

    Marc Sergeant about Jürgen Roelandts
    "Jürgen never was at his best in 2014. Problems with his teeth, bad luck and crashes, inflamed sinuses,... There was always something wrong. We believe in him. He will extend his contract soon. I told him that he had to forget everything, we will monitor his problems and if he has a good winter he will be able to grow towards his best shape. The idea not to send him to Australia and build up to the Flemish races more gradually, is a consequence of that."

    Marc Sergeant about Tim Wellens
    "This year he has set a big step forward, bigger than we had expected. I think he's ready to be the leader in certain races next year. Normally he will make his debut in the Tour. Not for a GC, but to show nice things with his offensive racing style in some stages. We will see if he will become a rider for the Grand Tours or the smaller stage races and classics. He's the exponent of a nice generation of youngsters who knock on the door, with among other Broeckx, Vervaeke, Benoot, Vallée, De Buyst and De Bie. They have to form the basis of our future."

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  • Review season U23

    24 october 2014 - 13:10

    Since two weeks the off-season has started for the U23-riders. The Lotto Belisol team has won 31 times in 2014. Sports director Kurt Van de Wouwer looks back at some highlights. Four riders will become pro next year, Louis Vervaeke already set that step in July.

    Top Competition
    Kurt Van de Wouwer, sports director: "We can only be satisfied with the results of this season, we have won 31 times. The victory in the Top Competition with the team and individually with Kenneth Van Rooy are the highlights of the season. Our team won the competition for the third time in a row. But it was the first overall win with a single rider."

    Four GC wins in stage races
    "The team won four stage races. Louis Vervaeke was the best in the Tour de l'Isard and the Tour des Pays de Savoie, both with stages in the high mountains. Dan McLay won the Tour of East-Flanders and the ‘Zeeuws'-Flemish cycling weekend. Dan McLay had the most victories, which is not that strange because he is a sprinter. He won the points jersey in the Tour de Romandie, two GC's, and four stages in stage races with amongst them a stage in the Tour de l'Avenir."

    Belgian championship title
    "With Jef Van Meirhaeghe we won the Belgian championship title on the road. Ruben Pols became second in the time trial which was a disappointment for him. He became champion of East-Flanders, won a test time trial, and the time trial in the ‘Zeeuws'-Flemish cycling weekend. Together with Frederik Frison he was selected for the World Championship time trial. Frison suffered illness due to a virus but still got selected for the world championships. In August he rode some test time trials and won in Neerpelt and Angreau. At the World Championship time trial he became ninth."

    Regularity of Benoot
    "Tiesj Benoot had lots of regularity in his performances, but had to be content with many top ten spots. He conquered the points jersey in the Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux and became second in the overall standings. In the Tour de l'Isard he finished third in the GC. In the Tour of Flanders for U23 he was third and fifth in Liège-Bastogne-Liège. In the World Championships road race he was fourth. During his traineeship, Tiesj showed himself to be ready for the step to the pro peloton. Notwithstanding his youthfulness he played his part in the final of Paris-Tours. That is promising."

    Five riders become pro
    "Louis Vervaeke became a pro in July, it was his third year in the U23 category, but he handled the change well. In the Clásica San Sebastián he could support Jelle Vanendert and Tony Gallopin for a long time. Louis is a pure climber and has a lot of potential. At the end of August he won the final stage of the Tour de l'Avenir. In total there are five riders from our youth team who will be pro next year. Besides Benoot and Vervaeke, who will ride for our pro team, there is also Amaury Capiot, Dan McLay and Jef Van Meirhaeghe. This amount of riders is extremely high. The average is two riders per season. This is rather exceptional and we're very proud of it. The development of riders and offering them opportunities is one of the main goals of the Belgian National Lottery to support the cycling sport in the width, and this via the Lotto brand."

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  • Three contract extensions

    23 october 2014 - 11:10

    Lotto Belisol can announce today that three riders have extended their contract. Pim Ligthart (26), who made his debut in the team this year, signed for two more seasons. The contract of Tosh Van der Sande (23) and Dennis Vanendert (26) was extended with one year. In 2015 both will start their fourth season in the team.

    Aim for a victory
    Pim Ligthart:
    "I feel at home here in the team. It's the first time I'm racing for a Belgian team, but there's not much difference. Unfortunately I couldn't get a victory this season. I did win the KOM jersey in Paris-Nice. During the season I did lots of work for the team and I showed myself many times, for example with my breakaways in the Vuelta. It's nice that I have a contract for the next two years, that gives me peace of mind. I'll aim for a victory in 2015."

    Several reasons to stay
    Tosh Van der Sande:
    "There are several reasons why I wanted to stay with the team. I've been satisfied here for the past three years. I can often have a go of my own and it's a fun group. Of course it matters that I set the step from U23 rider to pro within the structure of this team. In my third season as U23 rider I rode in the team with Kurt Van de Wouwer as sports director, that way I got in the pro team of Lotto Belisol and that turned out to be a good choice. I have high ambitions for next season and want to take that first pro win. The last weeks of this season I came close a few times and that gives me confidence."

    Set a new step forward
    Dennis Vanendert:
    "I love riding for this team, next year will be my fourth season. This contract extension proves the team has faith in me and respects the work I've done. Next year I'm coming to an age that I want to take a next step in my career by setting results myself, I feel ready for that. In tougher stage races I'd like to show myself and pick out some stages. Apart from that I want to help the team win a classic. My brother Jelle can win one of the Ardennes classics, it would be great if I could help him with that."

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  • LTB riders support MOVE Week

    9 october 2014 - 18:10

    Last week, from Monday 29th of September until Friday 3rd of October, the Belgian Federal Public Service Finance participated in the MOVE Week. This is a health campaign, set up in 2012 by ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association), which takes place simultaneously in the whole of Europe. It's the ambition to have an extra 100 million Europeans that move actively, by sport for example, by 2020. The Federal Public Service Finance organized four activities, spread over Belgium. One was a breakfast in ten different cities to reward their employees who come to work by bike. The Lotto Belisol riders gladly supported this initiative.

    Let's get cycling
    With the baseline Let's get cycling the Federal Public Service Finance organized a healthy breakfast on ten locations for hundreds of the 3600 employees that come to work by bike. They also received nice gadgets like bicycle accessories and cycle maps. Lotto Belisol riders went to Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent and Hasselt. Among other Belgian champion Jens Debusschere, Kris Boeckmans, Bart De Clercq and Jürgen Roelandts paid a visit.

    Huge success
    Inge Mattens, financial expert Federal Public Service Finance - Department Operational Coordination and Communication:
    "The initiative was a huge success. All participants were very satisfied. The Lotto Belisol riders spent lots of time chatting with the people. It needs a lot of goodwill to go to work by bike. The riders really gave a boost to our employees. The riders gave tips, among other about nutrition and cycling in bad weather."

    More cycling commuters
    "There are 3600 employees of the Federal Public Service Finance that come to work by bike. The breakfasts were organized in the ten biggest buildings, we had 601 participants. We hope the number of cycling commuters will rise thanks to this initiative."

    "For the Federal Public Service Finance it's really important to get our employees to live healthy and do sport. This is preventive for their wellbeing. Throughout the year we take several initiatives to make them aware of that. During the lunch breaks we offer sport facilities like yoga and zumba. We look internally for coaches and ambassadors who take on such projects. The MOVE Week has stimulated us extra to organize activities the whole year. It also shows that Europe encourages this and that way we can make the people more aware."

    You can see photos of the event on our Facebook page.


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