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  • Preview Tour of Turkey

    24 april 2014 - 17:04

    This Sunday a part of the peloton heads to Turkey for the 50th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey. The stage race starts on Sunday 27th of April and ends on Sunday 4th of May in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

    The GC will be shuffled a first time in the third stage, where the riders finish at the top of a first category climb in Elmali. Also the sixth stage, to Selçuk, promises a hard finish uphill. The other stages are more suited for the sprinters. André Greipel will have to contend fast riders like Theo Bos, Mark Cavendish and Sacha Modolo. For Greipel, who won two stages in Turkey last year, it is his first race after his injury.

    Comeback Greipel
    Lotto Belisol is watching the comeback of Greipel with extra attention. The German crashed hard in Ghent-Wevelgem and was out for a couple of weeks because of cruciate ligament ruptures between shoulder and collarbone. "Greipel starts with a conditional lag in the Tour of Turkey" says Jean-Pierre Heynderickx. We look forward to the 8 days stage race.

    Jean-Pierre Heynderickx, sports director: "After the first stages we shall see how well recovered Greipel is after his injury. It is provisionally a big question mark. We don't know if he can go full force in the sprints. But if that isn't the case we can count on other riders to participate in the bunch sprint. For example Jonas Van Genechten or Kris Boeckmans."

    "Nevertheless we have the intention to win a stage. The Tour of Turkey is each year a feast for the sprinters. There are also two crucial stages with a finish uphill. With Adam Hansen and Pim Ligthart, who is in shape, we could definitely strive for a top ten spot in the GC."

    Selection Lotto Belisol: Kris Boeckmans, Vegard Breen, Gert Dockx, André Greipel, Adam Hansen, Greg Henderson, Pim Ligthart and Jonas Van Genechten.

    Sports director: Jean-Pierre Heynderickx

    Stages Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey

    Stage 1: Sunday 27th of April: Alanya - Alanya (141km)
    Stage2: Monday 28th of April: Alanya - Kemer (175km)
    Stage 3: Tuesday 29th of April: Finike - Elmali (185km)
    Stage 4: Wednesday 30th of April: Fethiye - Marmaris (132km)
    Stage 5: Thursday 1st of May: Marmaris - Turgutreis (183km)
    Stage 6: Friday 2nd of May: Bodrum - Selçuk (182km)
    Stage 7: Saturday 3rd of May: Kusadasi - Izmir (132km)
    Stage 8: Sunday 4th of May: Istanbul - Istanbul (121km)

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  • Jelle 6th in flèche Wallonne

    23 april 2014 - 19:04

    Although Jelle Vanendert had doubts yesterday after his crash in the Amstel Cold Race, in which he hurt his knee, the Lotto Belisol rider did become sixth in the Flèche Wallonne today. The victory was for the Spaniard Alejandro Valverde. Tim Wellens rode very attentively in the final and together with Tony Gallopin he dropped Jelle off at the last climb.

    Head trio
    It took twenty kilometers before the break of the day was formed. It only counted three riders. Next to Jonathan Clarke and Ramunas Navardauskas also Preben Van Hecke was part of it, just like in the Amstel. The trio got up to 8'45". In the second half of the race Lotto Belisol came to the front. Sander Armée took the lead of the bunch and helped to reduce the gap. On the Côte de Bohisseau Clarke had to let go of his companions, almost 50 kilometers were left to go at that point.

    Sixth place for Jelle
    On the second ascent of the Mur de Huy Tim Wellens arrived at the top with the five best of the peloton, they had a slight advantage on the others. Jelle Vanendert was also positioned on the front rows. The peloton had approached the two leaders up to less than half a minute. On the Côte d'Ereffe, the penultimate climb of the day, Wellens accelerated and Navardauskas and Van Hecke were caught. Jérémy Roy created a gap within the last eight kilometers, but didn't make it. Jelle got perfectly dropped off at the foot of the Mur de Huy and became sixth. Alejandro Valverde won, Daniel Martin and Michal Kwiatkowski joined him on the podium. Jurgen Van den Broeck finished on place twenty.

    Normal race
    Jelle Vanendert
    : "In the beginning of the race I did have some nuisance of my knee, but it was better than expected. It didn't hinder me and that gave a boost. I could finish the race in a normal way. The team dropped me off perfectly at the foot of the Mur de Huy. Tim Wellens rode very well, like planned he reacted attentively to all attempts from the peloton. Tony Gallopin did also help me to get a good position to start the last climb."

    Curious for Sunday
    "I'm satisfied with my sixth place. On the final climb I might have started a bit too soon, but nobody moved and I decided to open the debates, to be ahead of some riders. I obviously felt good. There's a small difference between the second and fifteenth place. In the Amstel I became second, but if I had been a tad less good on the Cauberg I might have become eighth. If I had some more luck today, I would have stand on the podium. These two races have given me confidence for Liège-Bastogne-Liège. I'm curious to see what I can achieve there."

    Satisfied team manager
    Marc Sergeant
    : "The Mur de Huy can't hide anything, the strongest have played along for the top places. In the beginning of the climb Jelle was very attentive and we hoped for a podium place. He accelerated with 300 meters to go, but fell back. When you see how Valverde made the difference; he continued his acceleration much further. Jelle also lost some power after battling with Kwiatkowski for a good position. We shouldn't complain, Jelle has done very well with a second place in the Amstel and a sixth here in the Flèche Wallonne. Maybe we should have had a man in the break. The leaders were strong and the peloton had to work hard to get them back. We put Sander Armée in the chase, also Katusha and Movistar had to ride. Anyhow after the first climb classics we can be satisfied."

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  • Preview Flèche Wallonne

    22 april 2014 - 18:04

    Tomorrow the 78th Flèche Wallonne takes place. This WorldTour race is the second part of the Ardennes triptych. The start will be given in Bastogne, the finish lies of course on the Mur de Huy. It's only after 83 of 199 total kilometers we find the first climb on the course, that's the Côte de Bellaire. After a passage over the Côte d'Ahin the riders have to get over the Mur de Huy for the first time. The climb has a length of 1.3 kilometers and an average gradient of 9.3% with a maximal ramp of 19%!

    After about 60 kilometers with five climbs it's back to the Mur de Huy. From the top it's 23.5 kilometers left to go till the finish. The Côte d'Ereffe is the only obstacle before the last ascent of the Mur de Huy. Philippe Gilbert, Carlos Betancur and last year's winner Dani Moreno belong to the favourites. Jelle Vanendert, second in the Amstel Gold Race, suffers from consequences of his crash on Sunday and starts with doubts.

    Doubts for Jelle
    Jelle Vanendert:
    "I'm definitely happy that I'm back on the level I wanted and that I've shown that I'm one of the better riders in the climb classics. These two days I mainly used to rest. Especially after my crash in the Amstel. I have pretty much nuisance at my knee and almost can't ride my bike. My knee is swollen and there's fluid in it, which will possibly be extracted. Hopefully the night will make it better as well. We have to wait and see. Starting will be possible, but it's uncertain if I will be able to ride the final. This is definitely not optimal to start the Flèche Wallonne."

    "The race developments will show of course, but mostly it's not a good plan to attack before the final ascent of the Mur de Huy. Eventually you won't have enough power on the climb, it's not a race of 250 kilometres but nearly 200. Usually it's the best to spare yourself as long as possible. The knee has priority, then we'll see how far I can come. At this point I don't know with what kind of ambition I can come to the start. We'll try to get into the final with five of our riders, so Tony Gallopin, Jurgen Van den Broeck and I can be dropped off at the Mur de Huy."

    Selection Lotto Belisol: Sander Armée, Bart De Clercq, Gert Dockx, Tony Gallopin, Jurgen Van den Broeck, Dennis Vanendert, Jelle Vanendert and Tim Wellens.

    Sports directors: Herman Frison and Bart Leysen.

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  • Belisolpijl and LTB fan day

    22 april 2014 - 15:04

    Roeselare was the place to be for cycling lovers and Lotto Belisol supporters yesterday. In this West-Flemish city the Belisolpijl and fan day of the team took place. There were several hundreds of cyclists and visitors on this sunny day.

    Three different bike tours
    People could choose between three different bike tours. 105 or 75 kilometers for the hobby cyclists and a family ride of 25 kilometers. The proceeds of the Belisolpijl go to Make-A-Wish, the charity Lotto Belisol supports this year. The participants could relax on the terrace afterwards with a beer or soft drink.

    Meeting the riders
    The third edition of the Belisolpijl was linked to the Lotto Belisol fan day. The riders that were present started the tour of 75 kilometers at half past nine. In the afternoon the fans could get a picture of among other Kris Boeckmans, Stig Broeckx, Kenny Dehaes, Pim Ligthart, Maxime Monfort and Jürgen Roelandts or talk with them.

    Pleasant crowd
    At the merchandising stand team outfits and several gadgets were available. Who still had the power after the Belisolpijl could take place on a bike at the stand of the cycling museum of Roeselare. There was a pasta bar and ice chocolates of partner IJsboerke as ideal dessert with the nice weather. In between, the visitors could take a look inside the team bus and ask our mechanics for advice. The little ones could play on the bouncy castle.

    It was a nice and sunny day with a pleasant crowd at the Belisol warehouse in Roeselare.








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  • Heart's desire of Steven fulfilled

    18 april 2014 - 11:04

    Last Wednesday the heart's desire of the 18-year-old Steven from Turnhout was fulfilled, thanks to Make-A-Wish and in cooperation with Lotto Belisol. Steven has mucoviscidose, but it's his big dream to climb a mountain with a real race bike. Steven was invited by Lotto Belisol on the occasion of the Brabantse Pijl. Annelies Van Soom is part of the wish team of Make-A-Wish and helped to fulfill the dream of Steven.


    Jurgen Van den Broeck gave a cycling outfit
    Annelies Van Soom, volunteer at Make-A-Wish
    : "In the morning we picked up Steven, his parents and sister at their home. From there we went to the hotel where Lotto Belisol stayed. Steven could have breakfast with the riders. Jurgen Van den Broeck gave him a complete cycling outfit. Steven also got the chance to inspect the fleet: the team cars, team bus and truck with all the material. In a VIP car we followed the Lotto Belisol caravan to the start in Leuven. There we walked around the different team busses. We had a very good spot at the podium where all the riders came to sign and watched the start from nearby."

    Visit to Ridley Bikes
    "Then we had lunch in a Chinese restaurant, that's the favourite food of Steven. Afterwards he could step in a Ferrari that brought him to the factory of Ridley Bikes. There the measurements were done for the race bike he gets. In a few weeks it will be officially handed over. He also got a tour in the company, so he could see the entire production process. He's very fond of technique so that pleased him. Then he could go back in the Ferrari and we bought some accessories like a bike computer. That way Steven is fully equipped to train and eventually climb a mountain. He was overwhelmed and surprised with this day and very happy with all what was foreseen for him."

    It's all about the child
    "The child is central on such a day and we want to plan it with all things they're fond of. We set a date with the parents. Also to them we don't tell what's going to happen, so they can't give away any tips. We fulfill about 170 wishes per year. The partnership with Lotto Belisol is very important to us. It's very nice what they have realized for Steven, something like that makes it unique for the children. For our organization it's also great sponsoring and it helps to spread our name."

    Lotto Belisol supports Make-A-Wish
    Arne Houtekier, PR and communication manager Lotto Belisol
    : "Lotto Belisol gets many requests to support charity. It's not always easy to make a selection. This year we've chosen to support Make-A-Wish. The baseline of the team is ‘Live Your Dream' and that's closely linked with the mission of Make-A-Wish, which fulfills the heart's desires of children between three and eighteen years with a life-threatening illness. Lotto Belisol gladly helps to make those dreams come true. We want to do that in three ways. Wednesday at the Brabantse Pijl we helped to fulfill a heart's desire by inviting Steven to a race and offering him a complete outfit. Many thanks to our sponsors Ridley Bikes, Lazer and Gaerne for the bike, helmet, glasses and shoes. We also want to support Make-A-Wish in the field of communication and put the organization in the picture. Certain occasions we want to use to raise money for this good cause. The proceeds of the Belisolpijl of next Monday will go to Make-A-Wish."

    About Make-A-Wish®: this organization of volunteers grants children, aged between 3 and 18 who are living with a life-threatening illness, their fondest wishes. Our intention is to give these children and their families an unforgettable moment in the midst of all their worries, doubts, despair and sorrow. Away from clinics, doctors and treatments we wish to give them courage for the uncertain future which lies ahead.







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  • 21/04: Belisolpijl and LTB fan day

    10 april 2014 - 11:04

    Participate in the Belisolpijl in Roeselare on Monday 21st of April and come to the Lotto Belisol fan day afterwards! An ideal outing on Easter Monday.

    For the third year in a row the Belisolpijl is being organized. You can participate in one of the three tours, together with some of the Lotto Belisol riders! There's a family tour of 25 kilometers, which you can start between 10:00 and 11:30. The rides of 75 and 105 kilometers can be started from 7:30 till 10:00. Our riders leave at about 9:30. Taking part in one of the tours costs 5 euro. The proceeds of the Belisolpijl go to Make-A-Wish, the good cause Lotto Belisol supports this year. You can subscribe before you start.

    After your ride you can come and visit the Lotto Belisol fan day where everybody is welcome as of 9:00. Meet among other Maxime Monfort, Jürgen Roelandts, Jens Debusschere and Kenny Dehaes. You can take a look in the team bus, truck and team cars.

    Do you want a photo with one of the riders, have a bite to eat at the pasta bar or drink something on the terrace, then definitely come visit us!

    Surf to the website of the fan day:

    Place to be: Belisol magazijn, Liebeekstraat 10 - 8800 Roeselare


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