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  • The ladies team for 2015

    21 november 2014 - 15:11

    The ladies team of Lotto Soudal will be composed of fifteen riders next year. Eight women will stay with the team, that means there are seven new names compared to 2014. The youth team consists of four riders.

    Eight nationalities
    Next year there will be eight nationalities in the team. Six women are Belgian: Beckers, Daams, Decroix, Meyvisch, Vandenbulcke and Vekemans. With Elena Cecchini and Susanna Zorzi the team welcomes two Italian riders. Also Australia will be represented by a duo: Amy Cure and Carlee Taylor. The latter was already part of the Lotto Belisol Ladies in 2013. The French rider Marion Rousse stays with the team, just like Chantal Hoffmann from Luxembourg and Sarah Rijkes from Austria. Because of the signing of Anouk Rijff there will also be a Dutchwoman in the team. Last but not least there's Jacquelina Alvarez from Argentina.

    Youth team
    One of the riders that leaves the main team is Sara Verhaest. In 2015 she will ride for the youth team. Jesse Vandenbulcke makes the opposite movement. The youth team consists of four riders. Sara Verhaest and Catherine Wernimont will ride in the elite category. Fenna Vanhoutte is a junior. The fourth and last rider is Julie Roelandts, she is an aspirant of 12 years. On the 11th of November she got second at the Championship of Flanders cyclo-cross.

    Ladies team 2015
    Alvarez, Jacquelina (ARG) new
    Beckers, Isabelle (BEL)
    Cecchini, Elena (ITA) new
    Cure, Amy (AUS)
    Daams, Jessie (BEL) new
    Decroix, Lieselot (BEL)
    Hoffmann, Chantal (LUX)
    Meyvisch, Molly (BEL)
    Rijff, Anouk (NED) new
    Rijkes, Sarah (AUT)
    Rousse, Marion (FRA)
    Taylor, Carlee (AUS) new
    Vandenbulcke, Jesse (BEL) new
    Vekemans, Anisha (BEL)
    Zorzi, Susanna (ITA) new

    Youth team
    Verhaest, Sara (BEL) - Elite
    Wernimont, Catherine (BEL) - Elite
    Vanhoutte, Fenna (BEL) - Junior
    Roelandts, Julie (BEL) - Aspirant 12 years






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  • U23 team for 2015

    15 november 2014 - 11:11

    The U23 team for 2015 is complete, it's composed of 25 riders. Twelve of them are newcomers.

    Six guys became pro
    Six guys of the U23 team from 2014 got offered a pro contract: Tiesj Benoot, Amaury Capiot, Dan McLay, Xandro Meurisse, Jef Van Meirhaeghe and Louis Vervaeke. Louis Vervaeke already made his switch to the pro peloton halfway the season with the Lotto Belisol elite team. Starting January the first, Tiesj Benoot will officially become Vervaeke's teammate. Benoot was already trainee with the pros in the second half of the 2014 season.

    Thirteen riders will stay
    There are four other riders that will leave the team. Jorne Carolus, U23 champion of 2012, quits cycling and will fully focus on his studies. Rob Leemans, Dimitri Peyskens and Thomas Van Besien will join another team. That means thirteen riders will stay.

    21 Belgians
    Of 25 riders there are 21 Belgians. There is one Australian (George Tansley), one Briton (James Shaw), one Dane (Mathias Krigbaum) and one New-Zealander (Hayden McCormick). You will find the complete selection for the U23 Lotto Soudal team of 2015 below.

    Selection U23 team 2015
    Carnevali Jean-Albert (BEL) new
    Craeghs Maarten (BEL)
    CrasSteff (BEL) new
    De Plus Laurens (BEL)
    Deltombe Kevin (BEL)
    FrisonFrederik (BEL)
    Geuens Alexander (BEL)
    Goolaerts Michael (BEL) new
    Hermans Steff (BEL) new
    Krigbaum Mathias (DEN) new
    Leysen Senne (BEL) new
    McCormickHayden (NZL)
    Menten Milan (BEL) new
    Planckaert Emiel (BEL) new
    Pols Ruben (BEL)
    Ruyters Brecht (BEL)
    Shaw James Callum(GBR) new
    Tansley George (AUS) new
    Van Gestel Dries (BEL)
    Van Gompel Mathias (BEL)
    Van Reyten Joachim (BEL) new
    Van Rooy Kenneth (BEL)
    Vanderaerden Massimo (BEL)
    VerwilstDieter (BEL)
    Wouters Enzo (BEL) new

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  • WorldTour licence 2015

    5 november 2014 - 08:11

    The UCI has awarded a WorldTour licence to Lotto Soudal for 2015.

    The licence has to be obtained annually and is based on sporting, ethical, financial and administrative criteria.


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  • Lotto Six Days of Flanders-Ghent

    18 november 2014 - 13:11

    Tonight, Tuesday 18th November, the Lotto Six Days Flanders-Ghent will kick off at ‘t Kuipke. The 74th edition will come to an end on Sunday. Since 2010 Lotto is main sponsor of this event. The Lotto Six Days Flanders-Ghent is six days of track cycling of the highest level in an unequalled atmosphere.

    Lotto Six Days
    From 2006 until 2009 the Lotto Six Days took place in Hasselt, a race that disappeared from the calendar in 2010. In that year the Six Days of Ghent, of which the Belgian National Lottery was already partner, transformed to the Lotto Six Days Flanders-Ghent. During this event Lotto wants to tighten the bonds with its players. That's why Lotto is omnipresent on and around the track.

    Scratch card
    On the track the Danish couple Alex Rasmussen and Marc Hester will ride in the Lotto shirt. In between the different races the spectators can visit the Lotto sales stand, where everybody who buys for five euro gets a scratch card with which one always wins. There are fun prizes like two tickets for the final day on Sunday 23rd November, cycling shirts and cycling books or one of the 45 first prizes.

    Grand Prix Lotto
    Each day the visitors can participate in the competition to become the biggest and fastest Lotto cycling connoisseur. He or she can present the Grand Prix Lotto to the winner of that specific event. You can participate by going to the Lotto sales stand at ‘t Kuipke and then play a game on iPad in which your knowledge of 30 years Lotto in the peloton will be tested.

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  • Download the new wallpaper!

    28 october 2014 - 13:10

    Download now the wallpaper of the month October!

    Go to our multimedia page.

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  • Stock sale Lotto Belisol

    25 october 2014 - 10:10

    Today, Saturday 25th of October, Lotto Belisol will hold a stock sale in its service course in Herentals. You can get cycling outfits, team clothes and cycling accessories of Lotto Belisol at strongly reduced prices.

    Address: Toekomstlaan 15 / 6 + 8, 2200 Herentals

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