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  • Gallopin on the podium

    16 april 2014 - 20:04

    Philippe Gilbert has won the Brabantse Pijl today. He sprinted faster than Michael Matthews in Overijse. Tony Gallopin took a nice third place. Early in the race six riders got in the lead: Quemeneur, Pozzo, Brandle, Cecchinel, Williams and Reijnen. They got a maximal advantage of six and a half minute.

    Van den Broeck opens the final
    With over 70 kilometers to go Jurgen Van den Broeck decided to open the race. Together with Julien Vermote, Pieter Serry and Julien Alaphilippe he tried to bridge the gap to the six leaders. But when entering the two last laps it was over for the four chasers.

    Tosh Van der Sande shows himself
    The tempo kept going up. After several attacks ten riders got some space, one of them was Tosh Van der Sande. Also Leukemans and Gerrans were part of the group. Gilbert was aware of the danger and jumped from the peloton to the front. Eventually it was all for nothing and it came back together at eleven kilometers from the end. About 30 riders began the final kilometer together. The race would end with a group sprint. Philippe Gilbert won that sprint, Matthews got second and Gallopin third.

    Podium for Gallopin after a chase
    Lotto Belisol aimed for a podium place. With the third place of Tony Gallopin the team can look back with satisfaction. More wasn't probably possible for the Frenchman. At 25 kilometers from the end Gallopin had to chase after a puncture. He only joined the group with seven kilometers to go.

    Tony Gallopin: "Considering the race developments I'm very satisfied with my third place. I had a puncture at 25 kilometers from the finish. On the same place of the course as last year. Honestly, I thought my race was over. Because of the succession of hills the race never stopped. I had to return from behind the team cars, but eventually I could pass one group after another and that way I could take my place back in front. Thanks to the teammates I joined the first group just before the last climb, not a moment too early."

    Hat's off for the team
    "When I joined the peloton I still wanted to try to set a good result. In the sprint I had to give away about ten meters to winner Gilbert and Matthews, but considering the chase I had done the third place was the highest possible result. But still hat's off for the teammates. Everyone did what was expected of him. I thought we were good and with Van den Broeck who opened the race and Van der Sande who joined a break we always had someone in front."

    Curious for Liège
    "With the Walloon classics in mind I chose to take some rest after the Tour of Flanders. I could use this Brabantse Pijl as last step-up to the next races. I'm especially curious to see how far I can come in a race like Liège-Bastogne-Liège where all toppers stand at the start. I definitely have got the motivation and the necessary confidence after my third place today."

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  • Preview Brabantse Pijl

    15 april 2014 - 11:04

    The cobblestone classics are over. Now it's up to the climbers in the peloton. With the Brabantse Pijl on Wednesday the second part of the cycling spring starts. The Brabantse Pijl starts in Leuven and finishes in Overijse after 203 kilometers. First the riders get 133 kilometers with eleven hills. The most known hills of that part are no doubt the Bruine Put and Alsemberg.

    When the riders pass the finish in Overijse for the first time, three laps of just over 24 kilometers are yet to be covered. In those local laps they have to ride over five more hills, among other the IJskelderlaan and Hagaard. The last climb before the finish, the Schavei, is 700 meters long and has an average gradient of 5.6%.

    Last year Peter Sagan won, he's not participating now. Philippe Gilbert will start, the number two of 2013. Also Thomas Voeckler, Simon Gerrans and Wout Poels belong to the top favourites.

    No race yet for De Clercq
    The Lotto Belisol squad is led by Tony Gallopin and Jurgen Van den Broeck. Bart De Clercq and Jelle Vanendert won't ride on Wednesday yet. They prepare for the upcoming races. Tim Wellens is sick and won't start.

    Bart Leysen, sports director: "When will I be satisfied? We have a team that's good uphill. Considering the qualities of our men we aim for a podium place. Some guys have just returned for the Vuelta al País Vasco. The question is if they will have recovered enough. Tony Gallopin is the one who ought to be the most fresh physically. But as I said, we have other strong riders in the team."

    We have to race offensively
    "I'm convinced we have to race offensively. Only that way we can strive for a good result. Men like Ligthart or Van der Sande can early open up the real race. When someone of us is part of the break Gallopin and Van den Broeck can keep quiet in the peloton and the team then doesn't have any pressure."

    "The past has shown the decision usually is made in the local laps. I expect that won't be different this year. It will be an elimination race again in which every climb at the end will hurt. That's why it's important we have a guy in front."

    Selection Lotto Belisol: Sander Armée, Kris Boeckmans, Sean De Bie, Tony Gallopin, Pim Ligthart, Jurgen Van den Broeck, Tosh Van der Sande, Dennis Vanendert

    Sports director: Bart Leysen

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  • Stage 5 TDF: Ypres - Arenberg

    14 april 2014 - 14:04

    Yesterday we all could enjoy the spectacle that Paris-Roubaix has to offer. Within three months a part of the cobblestone sections will come back in the Tour de France, in the fifth stage from Ypres to Arenberg (156km).

    Visit to Belgium
    The fifth stage of the Tour will be contested on Wednesday 9th of July and the peloton visits Belgium. The riders start at the market place of Ypres. Subsequently the peloton rides 6.5 km through the city center which is followed by the official start at 14:00. The Tour caravan goes via Zonnebeke, Poelkapelle, Westrozebeke, Sleihage, Roeselare, Ledegem, Wevelgem, Rekkem and Moeskroen to France.

    Nine sectors from Paris-Roubaix
    The first cobblestone section emerges after 87 kilometers. The Tour passes nine sectors of Paris-Roubaix, in total the peloton has to cover 15.4 kilometers of cobblestones. The first section is the one in Gruson, yesterday at 14 kilometers from the finish. In the Tour the peloton rides away from the velodrome and covers the sector in the direction of Carrefour de l'Arbre. With a length of 1,100 meters the section of Gruson is 100 meters longer than the one in Mons-en-Pévèle, the third section of that day and the shortest. During the Hell of the North this is a 3,000 meter long section, but in the Tour the peloton only has to cover one third of the distance. Mons-en-Pévèle is the only section that will be passed through in the same direction as in Paris-Roubaix.

    Nervous day for GC contenders
    The longest section during the Tour de France stage on 9th of July is the penultimate one: Wandignies-Hamage - Hornaing (3700 m). The last section goes from Hélesmes to Wallers (1600 m). From that point it's about six kilometers to the finish in Arenberg. Moreover the Tour will not pass the Trouée d'Arenberg in the Forest of Wallers. This fifth stage of the Tour is a promising one, because of the variation between the sprint stages and mountain stages. The classic riders will be fond of the stage, for the contenders for the GC it will indisputably be a nervous day. They will have to be alert at the cobblestone sections, because there lots of time differences can be made.

    The sectors
    . Gruson - Carrefour de l'Arbre (1,100 m)
    . Ennevelin - Pont-Thibaut (1,400 m)
    . Mons-en-Pévèle (1,000 m)
    . Bersée (1,400 m)
    . Orchies - Beuvry (1,400 m)
    . Sars-et-Rosières - Tilloy-lez-Marchiennes (2,400 m)
    . Brillon - Warlaing (1,400 m)
    . Wandignies-Hamage - Hornaing (3,700 m)
    . Hélesmes - Wallers (1,600 m)



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  • 21/04: Belisolpijl and LTB fan day

    10 april 2014 - 11:04

    Participate in the Belisolpijl in Roeselare on Monday 21st of April and come to the Lotto Belisol fan day afterwards! An ideal outing on Easter Monday.

    For the third year in a row the Belisolpijl is being organized. You can participate in one of the three tours, together with some of the Lotto Belisol riders! There's a family tour of 25 kilometers, which you can start between 10:00 and 11:30. The rides of 75 and 105 kilometers can be started from 7:30 till 10:00. Our riders leave at about 9:30. Taking part in one of the tours costs 5 euro. The proceeds of the Belisolpijl go to Make a Wish, the good cause Lotto Belisol supports this year. If you register for the Belisolpijl beforehand you get a Lotto Belisol gift!

    After your ride you can come and visit the Lotto Belisol fan day where everybody is welcome as of 9:00. Meet among other Maxime Monfort, Jürgen Roelandts, Jens Debusschere and Kenny Dehaes. You can take a look in the team bus, truck and team cars.

    Do you want a photo with one of the riders, have a bite to eat at the pasta bar or drink something on the terrace, then definitely come visit us!

    Register for the Belisolpijl:

    Surf to the website of the fan day:

    Place to be: Belisol magazijn, Liebeekstraat 10 - 8800 Roeselare


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  • Bike assistance of Callant

    4 april 2014 - 16:04

    Lotto Belisol partner and insurance company Callant Verzekeringen launches a new service: the bike assistance. People with an electric bike go further away from home, but in case of bad luck or an accident you often can't repair the bike yourself. That's why there is the bike assistance of Callant!

    Filip Demyttenaere, Callant Verzekeringen: "Someone who has bad luck along his route, has an accident or if the bike gets stolen and you can't continue your ride, you can contact us. That's why we extend our service. Next to the bike omnium we also want to offer assistance in case of bad luck, accident or theft. A reliable network of assistants is ready to help. The bike will be made ready on the spot to continue your ride. If that's not possible the bike and cyclist are brought back to the start place. That can be home or the car. The new service is offered in Belgium and even up to 15 kilometers outside of the borders."

    More info:


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  • LTB auctions VIP duo ticket RVV!

    3 april 2014 - 15:04

    Lotto Belisol auctions a duo ticket for its exclusive VIP experience on the Paterberg during the Tour of Flanders, the money will go to Make a Wish Foundation! This organization of volunteers fulfills the dreams of children with a life threatening disease. You can bid on eBay between Thursday afternoon 16:00 and Friday 16:00!

    You support a good cause and next Sunday you can enjoy a unique day on the Paterberg! At about a quarter past two there's the passage of the women, who are also riding their Tour of Flanders. The men have to cover the Paterberg twice, the last time at fourteen kilometers from the end, so you will experience the final of the Ronde from the first row! In the tent there are TV screens so you don't have to miss any of the action. Apart from the ultimate cycling fun you can also enjoy a large assortment of bites to eat, a lunch and dessert buffet.

    Bid here:

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